Friday, September 28, 2007

Welcome to our new blog!

Welcome to all our friends and family to our new bog! For those of you wondering, our previous website was through Apple. However, that only lasted a year and then they wanted $100 from us for another year. Well, we being the poor, poor people who are trying so hard to buy a condo and get a start in life, we said no way to apple and are joining the world of! We are hoping that this new blog will stay more current than the last.
A brief update for those of you interested. We just moved into our condo about 2 weeks ago and have joined the ranks of homeowners! Yea! We feel so lucky because our condo is everything that we hoped it would be and is in a great location called Sabre Springs. We are right in between both of our parents and it's a younger community which fits us just right!
Brandon is happily situated at Drs. Belnap and Pierce's office and is in search of another office to join to pay for our new condo and expand his patient list. Carly and I are enjoying spending lots of time in the sun and in search of new friends to create a west coast McDonald's group. (Which is harder than it sounds and we definitely miss our Baltimore friends.) We are hoping our new ward will have lots of potential friends. We've already made friends will several dolphins, seals, and whales at Sea World and are looking forward to hitting the World Famous San Diego Zoo in the near future.
We love checking out everyone's blogs and we hope you enjoy ours too!!