Monday, September 27, 2010

What we've been up to...

My best friend from childhood, Katie, was married to a wonderful guy. Brandon and I took a quick trip to the wedding without the kiddies. It was over too fast. :)

Carly started her second year for preschool. She is so happy to be back in school but has already decided that she doesn't want to go to kindergarten.

We had an extra cool summer this year and didn't have many beach days as a result. This was a beautiful day and we had a great time. This is Carly with her BFF, Kaylen.

I captured my nephews infamous stink eye!

Tyler really enjoyed playing in the sand which was a first. By the end of the day, he was completely covered in sand!

Three peas in a pod. Blaine couldn't stand having Tyler sit on his mama's lap and so he climbed on too!

We had the first Webb Family Reunion this year. As many of you already know, I'm not the greatest photographer so I didn't get many pictures. I did get a picture of Tyler with his new cousin. Her name is Daisy and my cousin and his wife adopted her in June. She has Down Syndrome just like Tyler and we already consider her a kindred spirit.

Last but not least, Emily and Chad and their kiddies were in town so we joined them at Disneyland. It was so great to see them and spend the day together. We miss having them close by!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tyler turns the big 2!

A few weeks ago, we celebrated our sweet boy's 2nd birthday. We did a train theme for his party and had a little family party.
Brandon picked up some train conductor hats for the party.

Tyler was so excited to open his presents! Well, he wasn't completely aware of what was going on but this is a rare picture where we actually captured a smile!

He did enjoy pulling the paper off his presents and making a mess. :)

Here's Tyler's birthday cake. I got this great idea to make a train going up a mountain. Another fun cake to make that I think turned out fabulous not to toot my own horn. :)

Tyler getting ready to blow out his candles. He had a little, well, a lot of help from his sister. :)

Shoveling cake in as fast as he could!

Do I have something on my face?

We are so thankful for our sweet boy. He loves to give hugs and kisses. Tyler loves to play with his sister. He is always happy. We are so grateful to have such a special spirit in our home and for all that he has taught us.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Carly's 4th Birthday

My sweet baby girl turned the big 4 about three weeks ago. Here are some pics. (Better late than never right?)
The celebrations started with a party at Build-A-Bear on Friday. It was so cute!

Princess cupcakes at the mall food court. The kids loved it and I loved not having to set-up and clean-up at my place!

Carly asked for a Cinderella cake this year. Many of you know I have a tradition of making birthday cakes for my kids. It can get a little stressful but I actually had a lot of fun making this one and it wasn't as hard as Ariel was last year.

Princess Carly getting ready to blow out her candles on Sunday, her "real birthday". :)

Aunt Aarean riding in on a Princess bike was the highlight of the day.

Isn't she precious on her princess bike with her princess helmet in her princess dress. Every day is princess day at our house.

I just love her smile in this picture. My mom gave Carly this outfit and it's still under debate if it is a costume or real clothes. :)

Carly loves to sing and dance so we got her a Hannah Montana microphone that plays, wait for it, "It's the best of both worlds...!" Miraculously, it hasn't driven me crazy! :)

I still cannot believe that Carly is really 4. She is such a sweet little princess who is so smart. She constantly baffles me with her questions and her insight. I love her to pieces!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Sunday night was the series finale of Lost. Brandon and I were looking forward to having all of our "questions" answered this season. After watching every episode and staying up until 11:30pm to watch a two and half hour finale, I'm still lost.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

For your amusement!

Carly never ceases to find ways to amuse us. Lately, she has become a clothing expert. Notice the lovely outfit she put on below! She thinks of clothes more as an accessory than as a necessity. I've had to explain to her many times that what you put on the morning is what you wear all day. Otherwise, she would change her clothes ten times a day!

After getting her Ariel crown for easter, her outfit was complete!

Carly is allowed to wear dress up clothes. On this day, Sleeping Beauty came to lunch wearing her easter bonnet! You cannot refer to her as Carly when she is in character!

And I wanted to add a couple funny stories.
Carly really likes listening to the wicked soundtrack. Her favorite song is #3. (I'm not sure of the name) The other day she informed me that we were going to OZ and I needed to pack my bags for three days. She then went to her room and packed her suitcase. She packed clothes, underwear, socks, shoes, pjs, and sweaters. She was all ready! I was really impressed. She was quite heartbroken when she found out that OZ was a pretend place. She kept telling me that we could just follow the yellow brick road!

Carly has recently started watching the Little Einsteins a lot. On Monday, we went to the grocery store and we got one the carts that has a car on the front. For the entire time we were there she sat in the car pretending it was the rocket ship on little einsteins. "Pat, pat, pat, pat, pat! Pat faster! Pat, pat, pat, pat, pat! Now put your hands in the air! Blast off!" I hope the other people at the grocery store were highly entertained! It was great for me because I was able to shop without hearing "I want that, I want this!"
Never a boring day at our house! I love my little girl!


We had a lovely, peaceful Easter this year! The Easter bunny came. We went to my parent's house for an easter egg hunt and dinner. And didn't even feel the 7.2 earthquake that rocked southern California and northern Mexico!

Tyler sure enjoyed looking through his easter basket!

Carly loved the Ariel crown that the easter bunny brought her. (And yes, those are her reindeer christmas pj's!)

Tyler didn't get to enjoy the easter egg hunt. He fell asleep on the floor!

Princess Carly loved the easter egg hunt. She commented several times to our amusement, "The easter bunny sure is tricky!"

Friday, April 2, 2010

My sweet boy!

Tyler is now 19 months and he is just the sweetest little guy ever. He just learned how to do a one arm army crawl. It's hilarious! It's really hard to get him to do anything on command so I'm still trying to get it on video. (He also doesn't like to look at the camera let alone smile!) He loves to give kisses and hugs. And he thinks Carly is fascinating! I'm looking forward to the day when they will play together. I have a feeling he's going to be playing a lot of what she wants to do. :)