Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Due to recent comments from family and friends, here are a ton of pictures! And I do mean a ton! Enjoy!

One of Tyler's new favorite activities, playing with Carly's stroller. Don't tell Carly!

Sweet boy! I've had the hardest time getting a picture of him smiling.

Checking out his new cousin.

Eating his new cousin. So tasty!

Sleeping peacefully, loves his daddy, I love this picture!

Carly's Ariel birthday cake. Made by ME!! Yes, I'm proud of myself!

Carly and her BFF Kaylen. I have the hardest time trying to get Carly to look at the camera!

Carly is so excited to open her birthday presents!

Carly chose to go to the beach for her birthday. She loves to play in the sand, can you tell?

Carly loves her little brother! Tyler loves Carly as well even though his face doesn't show it!!

I got this castle for Carly for her birthday from Michaels. I planned on helping her put it together. I thought it would be easy. Nope! I pretty much did it all myself and it took me all day!! Never again!

We took Carly and Tyler to Disneyland for the first time! Carly talked about Goofy constantly the day before but freaked out when she got to the front of the line to meet him! Hilarious!

The happiest place on earth and dream come true for Carly!

Carly's first ride was It's a Small World. She was a little apprehensive about the whole thing until she saw Ariel!

Tyler's new girlfriend, Snow White! She was quite enthralled with him!

One of Carly's favorite rides was the merry-go-round!

Tyler was a great sport and went on most of the rides. Here is Brandon and Tyler sleeping in line for Pirates of the Caribbean.

Carly was so excited to meet Minnie Mouse and see her house in Toon Town.

We had to get the family picture in the entrance to Disneyland. It's a tradition!

Carly got all of the characters to autograph her book.

Carly was so so excited to meet Ariel. She was shaking while she was waiting her turn. It was her most favorite part of going to Disneyland!

King Brandon at breakfast with the princesses!

Carly on Dumbo with Grandpa B. She loved Dumbo!

Tyler snoozing on the 4th of July while waiting to ride the train.

It was so hot on the 4th. I could not get the kids to cooperate for a picture. Tyler wanted his hat off!

So sweet. Snuggle time with Daddy!

I'll try to be better about posting pictures in the future. No guarantees though!