Friday, March 7, 2008

I've been tagged!

Well, my cousin Rachel tagged me. I will state for the record for those of you with superior memories, I have been tagged before but this one is different questions so I thought it would be fun to answer since I enjoy reading everyone else's answers. So here goes nothing....

What was I doing ten years ago...That would be 1998 so I was a junior in high school and it's March so that would be swim season. Wow, so I was spending about 2 1/2 hours at the pool five days a week, going to school, and as many teenagers do, hanging out with my friends. My friends and I could probably be found at one of our houses, the mall, the beach, or out to eat. We use to go off campus for lunch at least twice a week and we always went to Taco Bell. Thank goodness for high metabolism back then!

Five places that I have lived... I'll put them in order so first was Atlanta, Georgia where my dad went to graduate school. Then we moved to San Diego, California where I spent the remainder of my childhood. Then on to Provo, Utah for my college career. Next Baltimore, Maryland where Brandon went to graduate school and now I am back in San Diego to hopefully stay for a long time. I think that's five.

Five things on my to do list for today... let's see...take a shower (which actually becomes a chore once you have kids), go to story time at Borders bookstore (Carly and I go to story time every Friday, they do stories and songs and Carly is just mesmorized), pick things up around our condo (I still find it amazing how much of a mess one tiny little person can create and in such a short amount of time!), laundry (I probably try and find some excuse not to :) ), and clean out my car (I need to clean out the toys and crackers and water bottles that have accumulated in my car during the week. Carly always wants to take at least one toy whenever we go anywhere!)

Five jobs that I've had... my first job was as a dental assistant in my dad's office which I did on and off until I got married. Then I worked as a receptionist at a Pediatric office in Utah which was a blast. Next I worked as a customer service rep for BYU Independent Study which was interesting but we could study when we weren't helping someone which was nice. Then I worked as an administrative assistant for the director of the National Museum of Dentistry in Baltimore. Yes, there is such a place and it's not nearly as glamorous as it might sound. My last 8 to 5 job was as a secretary for two doctors at a Urology office in Baltimore which I mostly loved. When I interviewed for the job, I didn't even know what Urology was so I learned a lot and made some great friends. And now I have the best job as a mom! (even if it is 24/7)

What I will be doing in ten years... Well, for starters I will be done have kids. (Still undecided on how many) Carly will be 11, almost a young woman! Right now that sounds fun but I probably should be more fearful. :) We will hopefully be living in a house with a backyard, maybe a pool and a dog. Who knows what I'll be involved in, probably my kids' school, church, maybe working part-time... Like Rachel said, just working as a mom to keep life running smoothly.

Now I'm suppose to tag some other people but I reserve the right not to so thanks for reading!