Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tyler is here!

I am not very good at posting- Carissa is usually the one that does it! For those that don't know, Tyler William Jergensen was born on September 1, 2008- yes labor day (fitting for Carissa) and for those that have been waiting- here are some pics of the cute little guy. Sorry they have taken so long to get out. For those doing the math right now and thinking that Carissa wasn't due until the end of september, yea he was born 4 weeks early! Carissa started feeling contractions at 2:30 on Monday afternoon so we headed over to the hospital and they checked to make sure she was in labor, which she was and 7 hours later little Tyler was born. We had to do a C-section because he was breech, that went well, just a little pain still but she is recovering good. Now onto Tyler. When he was born they noticed that he had many features that are present in down syndrome babies and they also noticed a heart murmur. He was taken into the NICU and they made the decision to transfer him down to Children's hospital in San Diego. He has been in the NICU at Children's for the past 4 days and every day is getting much better. Today they decided to take him out of the NICU and into an intermediate care room. Hopefully he should be home in the next few days. YEAH! We are pretty sure he has down syndrome but they cannot say for 100% until the chromosome test comes back which should be sometime this week. He does have a heart condition that is very frequent in down syndrome babies called AV (atrioventricular) septal defect. You can look it up if you want- I have explained it soooooo many times! They control it with meds for the first 4-6 months of his life and then do a surgery to repair the defect. The success rate is very high and we have been comforted with all the blessings and prayers that others have given to us and to Tyler! We are very excited to have this special spirit in our lives and can't wait to beable to bring him home. Here are some pics of the cute guys and if you want more info feel free to call Carissa or I- it is a lot of info to try and write in a blog!