Sunday, August 15, 2010

Carly's 4th Birthday

My sweet baby girl turned the big 4 about three weeks ago. Here are some pics. (Better late than never right?)
The celebrations started with a party at Build-A-Bear on Friday. It was so cute!

Princess cupcakes at the mall food court. The kids loved it and I loved not having to set-up and clean-up at my place!

Carly asked for a Cinderella cake this year. Many of you know I have a tradition of making birthday cakes for my kids. It can get a little stressful but I actually had a lot of fun making this one and it wasn't as hard as Ariel was last year.

Princess Carly getting ready to blow out her candles on Sunday, her "real birthday". :)

Aunt Aarean riding in on a Princess bike was the highlight of the day.

Isn't she precious on her princess bike with her princess helmet in her princess dress. Every day is princess day at our house.

I just love her smile in this picture. My mom gave Carly this outfit and it's still under debate if it is a costume or real clothes. :)

Carly loves to sing and dance so we got her a Hannah Montana microphone that plays, wait for it, "It's the best of both worlds...!" Miraculously, it hasn't driven me crazy! :)

I still cannot believe that Carly is really 4. She is such a sweet little princess who is so smart. She constantly baffles me with her questions and her insight. I love her to pieces!