Thursday, November 19, 2009


Okay, so Halloween was a while ago but I figured since we still have Halloween candy I could still post our pictures. :)
Carly and Tyler at our ward trunk-or-treat. Winne the Pooh and Sleep Beauty!

I dressed up at butterfly!

Tyler hated his costume and tried to pull it off. He finally gave up and just started crying until we took it off.

Here's the cutest little kitty at her preschool Halloween parade. So sweet!

We carved pumpkins with Brandon's family for Family Night. (I'm still working on my picture taking skills b/c I didn't get any pics of anyone but Brandon.)

My pumpkin is a bat!

And Brandon's is a tree that saysHappy Halloween. Very cool!

On Halloween we went trick-or-treating with Carly's BFF Kaylen and her family. They were the most beautiful princesses.

Carly loved to ring the doorbell and was practically pushing kids over to get to the door first!

Tyler did not like his Pooh costume!

He also made a very cute bug!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gap Casting Call

Gap is doing their annual casting call auditions. We put Carly's picture up on the site and want your help to make her the "Fan Favorite" Go to the casting call website, look up her pictures and then vote for all her pictures. The website is:

and our Member ID is wjerg001 so you can look up here pics. This is not one of the pictures- we didn't want them to think she has a mustache!

You can vote 1 time per day so make sure you go back every day and vote. The voting ends on November 17th!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy October!

On Monday we made our annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch. We found some lovely pumpkins and enjoyed the kiddie entertainment!

Maybe next year Tyler wil be old enough for the rides!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Carly and Tyler had a lot of fun getting to know their cousins in Utah. Well, their second cousins, first cousins once removed, second cousins once removed... I'm still not sure!

We went to the Discovery center at the Gateway mall. Carly loved sitting on the horse. I had a hard time getting her to share or eventually leave!

Here's the garden with a nice sweet onion waiting to be picked! (I couldn't help myself!)

While we were in Utah, we went to the zoo with our cousins. The zoo had a baby elephant, three baby tigers, a baby giraffe and a baby snow leporard. The kids loved it!
We weren't sure who the monkeys were in this picture!

Carly had a lot of fun with her first cousins once removed. :)

The zoo had a really cute animal merry-go-round. They didn't have shamu but Carly did find a dolphin.

Tyler was such a good boy but didn't seem to care too much about any of it!

Fun in Utah!

We were lucky to be in Utah when the leaves were changing colors. We don't get big seasonal changes here so it was a special treat for us!

We also were able to get together with our friends from dental school, the Calderwoods. Cody has an amazing office with an amazing view. And our kids really enjoyed playing with each other. We wish that we lived closer!

Dinosaur Museum

While we were in Utah, we checked out the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving point with my grandparents. It was a really neat museum and it was so fun to see Carly try to understand how big these dinosaurs really were. She was a little scared and we had to keep explaining that all the dinosaurs died a long time ago.

Carly enjoyed digging for dinosaur bones. Maybe she'll be a paleontologist when she grows up!

Temple Square

A few weeks ago, we made our annual trip to "Mecca" aka Salt Lake City. We took the kids to Temple Square. I had forgotten how beautiful it is. There are a dozen waterfalls and the flowers were fabulous! Carly loved seeing all the brides around and wanted to give all of them hugs!

My sweet boy!

Disneyland Again!

In September, we went to Disneyland again. We had passes that were for three days and we only used two days before. We decided to go up and get our moneys worth.

Carly turned into a daredevil over night! She went on the Toontown Rollarcoaster twice!

Firsts for our family!!

On August 27th, Carly had her first day of school ever! My little baby girl started preschool. I was all prepared for the separation anxiety and tears. We arrived at school, Carly gave me a hug and walked into her classroom and didn't even look back! I called her name and waved to which she smiled and waved back. So much for separation anxiety!!

On September 1st, Tyler celebrated his first birthday! Yea! I made him a Winnie the Pooh cake which he enjoyed. We had the grandparents over and ate cake and ice cream and opened presents. He's such a sweet, cuddly boy. I hope this next year is better than the last with no hospital visits!!