Thursday, April 22, 2010

For your amusement!

Carly never ceases to find ways to amuse us. Lately, she has become a clothing expert. Notice the lovely outfit she put on below! She thinks of clothes more as an accessory than as a necessity. I've had to explain to her many times that what you put on the morning is what you wear all day. Otherwise, she would change her clothes ten times a day!

After getting her Ariel crown for easter, her outfit was complete!

Carly is allowed to wear dress up clothes. On this day, Sleeping Beauty came to lunch wearing her easter bonnet! You cannot refer to her as Carly when she is in character!

And I wanted to add a couple funny stories.
Carly really likes listening to the wicked soundtrack. Her favorite song is #3. (I'm not sure of the name) The other day she informed me that we were going to OZ and I needed to pack my bags for three days. She then went to her room and packed her suitcase. She packed clothes, underwear, socks, shoes, pjs, and sweaters. She was all ready! I was really impressed. She was quite heartbroken when she found out that OZ was a pretend place. She kept telling me that we could just follow the yellow brick road!

Carly has recently started watching the Little Einsteins a lot. On Monday, we went to the grocery store and we got one the carts that has a car on the front. For the entire time we were there she sat in the car pretending it was the rocket ship on little einsteins. "Pat, pat, pat, pat, pat! Pat faster! Pat, pat, pat, pat, pat! Now put your hands in the air! Blast off!" I hope the other people at the grocery store were highly entertained! It was great for me because I was able to shop without hearing "I want that, I want this!"
Never a boring day at our house! I love my little girl!


Maree said...

SO cute! Reminds me of when Hannah was little--she was "Ariel," "Sleeping Beauty," and "Cinderella" sometimes--not always coordinated with what she was wearing. We had adventures in the shopping cart, but she made me stop about every 5 feet, so she could put "gas" in the car. And I remember the 40 changes of clothes in a day..... Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Matt and Jennae Porter said...

Um, holy cow, when did she get so big? She is darling!

Tricia said...

Just came across your blog via the Starleys! Your little family is so cute! Are you guys still in San Diego? Tommy is on his mission there - in the San Diego mission in Lakeside right now. Shoot me an email!